Vintage National Park Stickers and Magnets

Collection: National Park Stickers and Magnets

National park stickers are a great way to show your love for the national parks on any item. You can use our national park service stickers on your car, water bottle, window or wherever they will stick! Inspired by the WPA posters of the 1930s, our retro national park vinyl stickers make a great gift or add-on item to complement the larger items on the site. These high-quality, precision-cut national park decals feature our popular poster designs and are printed using vivid inks and they look fantastic! As with all National Parks Partnership products, these stickers are printed in the USA and all profits are donated to national park charities. Find out more about the charities we support by visiting the giving back page. 

Everyone loves stickers and magnets! There’s no better way to personalize generic items and make them your own. Put a magnet on your fridge or make your luggage easier to find on the baggage claim carousel by covering it with bright stickers from their favorite vacations. If you take car trips, instantly form bonds with other travelers by sticking a national park service sticker on the back of your car!

Many of our designs are inspired by the Works Project Administration posters of the 1930s. After the Civilian Conservation Corps did such amazing work making the national parks more accessible during the great depression, the WPA was tasked with creating travel posters to inspire Americans to visit their incredible public lands. We don’t know all of the names of all the original artists, but we do know that a few of them came from graphic design studios that were also impacted by the great depression. The result was incredibly stylish and timeless designs inspired by traditional travel posters and modern graphic design language, such as the Bauhaus movement of the early 20th century.

National Parks Partnership was founded with the goal of giving back to the national parks that have given us so much. We donate 100% of profits to national park charities that we believe are doing the most good for the parks. All of the designs are created in-house so you won’t find them on other websites!