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There's no better way to start a morning camping than with a hot drink. Our enamel national park mugs are perfect to throw in your bag and take out on the trail. Our range of enamel national park camping mugs is lightweight and durable thanks to their stainless steel construction and enamel coating. We also sell a range of traditional porcelain national park coffee mugs that are perfect for showing your true love (national parks) when you are at work or home. All of our mugs feature unique designs that you will only find on the National Parks Partnership website - including our WPA-inspired poster designs. All National Parks Partnership products are printed in the USA and all profits are donated to national park charities. To find out more about the charities we support, visit the giving back page. 

Enamel National Park Camping Mugs

Finding a mug you like is important! Whether you are the kind of person who has a cupboard full of different mugs or have a couple that you wash every day, our national park mugs are sure to make you happy. These national park coffee mugs and camping mugs feature our classic poster designs that are inspired by the classic Works Projects Administration posters from the 1930s. Created between the great depression and the start of WW2, the WPA posters were designed to inspire Americans to go out and enjoy the public spaces that had been made far more accessible by the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps, who had completed many of the roads, buildings and trails that we take for granted today. Only 14 posters were designed with several thousand prints produced. The historical value of the posters was not realized in the years after they were produced so only a few have been preserved.

National Parks partnership was founded with the goal of giving back to the national parks that have given us so much. We donate every dollar of profit back to national park charities so that they can continue to fund America’s Best Idea for future generations.