Giving Back to the National Parks

For over 150 years, the national parks have protected the most spectacular, important and unique natural landscapes in the country. While national parks receive federal funding, this is often inadequate to even maintain the current condition of the land. With record numbers of people visiting national parks every year, this funding shortfall is only set to increase.

National Parks Partnership was founded as a way for us to give back to the national parks that have given us so much. We are committed to donating every cent of profit back to the national parks. After much consideration and research, we donate to charities that we believe are doing great work while keeping their administration costs and salaries at a reasonable level. Below you will find some information about the charities that we currently support.

It is important to note that while we donate all profit to parks. As with any business, profit is income minus expenses, so donating to the charities directly will always be a more effective way of supporting them. We strongly encourage you to set up recurring donations to the charities if you would like to have the greatest impact! Below are a few examples of ways to donate to national parks where all (or almost all, in the case of charities) of the money goes to the parks.

  • National Park Passes Help Support the Parks

    Most people know about the America the Beautiful annual national park pass (National Parks Partnership regularly gives them away as competition prizes). What you may not know is that 100% of proceeds from the park pass are used to improve and enhance vistor recreation services. Buying a park pass is a great way of supporting national parks while encouraging yourself to visit as many as possible!

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  • Purchasing Missing Park Land

    Not all of the land within national parks belongs to the National Park Service. National Park Trust has bought former mines, cabins, fish hatcheries and more and donated them for us all to use.

  • The Next Generation

    The future of our parks lies with our children. National Park Trust runs immersive educational programs for children and their families, with a particular focus on families who may have never experienced the parks before.

  • Supporting Ongoing Research

    National Park Trust has invested in and coordinated the building of research facilities that will further our understanding and appreciation of the environments and wildlife present in our national parks.

  • Support Single Park

    Typically a small group of supporters who's non-profits raise money for a single park.

  • Park Specific Projects

    These groups often raise money for specific park projects - such as improving trails, restoring habitats and creating partnerships with the local community.

  • Inspiring Future Generations

    Many friends groups are actively involved in engaging young people with National Parks to help ensure their future preservation.

  • General Donation

    You can donate to the National Park Service by sending a check to the NPS Accounting Operations Center. All donations are tax deductable.

  • Donate to Specific Park

    Include a cover letter with your donation specifying the particular park and your donation will be directed to the national park of your choice.

  • Leave a Legacy

    Help ensure that the national parks thrive for future generations by leaving some of your estate to the NPS.