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Our National park tote bags are one of the most practical ways to show your love for the national parks. These national park bags feature long handles so you can put them over your shoulder on the way back from the grocery store, hard-wearing construction and vivid printing on the front and back. They will quickly become your go-to reusable national park bag for car trips, beach trips or grocery store runs. As with all National Parks Partnership products, this item is printed in the USA and all profits are donated to national park charities. Take a look at our giving back page for more details.  

Reusable National Park Bags

After you buy a high-quality reusable national park tote bag you will wonder how you lived without it. Every year, Americans use 100,000,000,000 (100 billion – that’s a lot of zeros!) single-use plastic bags every year. Apart from the huge impact on the environment from the plastic and energy required to create the bags, the waste is absolutely unimaginable. Less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled. The remaining 99% end up in landfills or littering our streets and public places. Seeing a single plastic bag floating in the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is jarring and a reminder that we have to do more to protect the environment around us.

A national park tote bag is just one small way that you can reduce your impact on the environment. By creating a habit of leaving a few of these in the trunk of your car and bringing them into the grocery store, you can save around 365 plastic bags from ending up in landfills every year.

Our reusable national park tote bags are printed with our WPA-inspired national park designs. The works progress administration posters of the 1930s have become an iconic symbol of the national parks. All National Parks Partnership profits are donated to various national park charities. You can find more about our mission and the charities we support on the giving back page.