National Park Gift Guide

The National Parks are more popular than ever, with over 88 million visitor per year. The popularity of the parks mean that National Park Gifts are one of the safest bets when you are buying presents for friends and loved ones. National Parks Partnership has sifted through the thousands of products to create this list of a few of our favorites. So if you are struggling for incredible national park gift ideas, keep reading!

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National Park Gift Ideas for Everyone

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National Park Gift Ideas for Everyone

The first few gifts are great for anybody who loves the national parks! Whether they are planning a visit in 2024, or they are reminiscing about their past adventures, these national park gifts are sure to put a smile on their face! 

National Park Pass

An America the Beautiful national park pass is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the national parks! This $80 12-months pass grants the owner free access to all national parks that charge an entrance fee, as well as free access to many other federal lands. 

Perhaps the best thing about the America the Beautiful pass is that all the profits go back to the national parks and other public lands. You can buy the pass online at REI or the USGS website.

Starry Night National Park Calendar

The Vincent van Gogh inspired Starry Night designs are some of the most popular products in National Parks Partnership history! This calendar features 12 of the most popular designs. Like all of our calendars, it is printed on the thickest paper available to give it a super-premium feel. The pages are 12" x 12" (12" x 24" when unfloded) giving you a great view of the artwork and plenty of space to write all of your important dates in the date boxes. 

It wouldn't be a real national park calendar without noting the date on which all 63 of the parks was established. The perfect gift for any national park lover! The first 500 sold will also recieve the $10 discount, so don't delay!

National Park Framed Canvas Posters

These framed canvases make the perfect gift for the national park lover in your life. They have real wood frames, use environmentally-friendly long-lasting inks and thick canvas. As they already come with frames and mounting hardware attached, they are extremely easy to put on the wall. 

We stock our The Starry Night designs, orginal WPA posters and our WPA recreations. All profits are donated to national parks. 

National Park Calendar

The 2024 National Park Calendar makes a fantastic gift! Each page is 12"x12" (unfolded the calendar is 12"x24") and it is printed on the thickest, highest quality paper available. The cover is 14pt (310GSM) gloss paper and the interior pages are 100# (150GSM) gloss paper. The date grid features big boxes for you to write in your important dates. You can also see the dates on which each national parks was established.  

Order by Nov 12th to lock in a $10 discount for preorders! The perfect gift for national park lovers. All profits are donated to national parks.

WPA National Park Posters

In the 1930s the US was in the grips of the Great Depression. The government create the Works Progress Administration, who were tasked with improving access to the national parks and encouraging the general public to visit their public lands. 

Their iconic posters are one of the many things they are remembered for. They make a great gift for anyone who loves the history of the national parks.

Starry Night Posters

These Vincent van Gogh inspired national park posters are the best selling product on the website, with good reason! They look incredible in person and make a statement wherever you hang them. Most are available in easy-to-frame 16"x20" and 24"x36" sizes. They are printed on thick paper with fade-resistant inks so they will look great for years.

Nat Geo National Park Guide
Your companion to the national parks. Maps, travel informations, restaurants, trails and so much more. The national park guide that more people swear by than any other. 
Ansel Adams National Park Posters

Ansel Adams has created some of the most famous national park images in history. In the 1960s, the national park service worked with Adams to create a series of posters to promote the parks. You will notice the intertwined triangle logo which was the official logo of the NPS for a very brief period during this time! 

Check out the designs for Grand Teton, Yosemite, Death Valley and many more!

National Park Tote Bags

National Park Tote bags are make a great gift. They are one of the items that you can use every day for grocery shopping or to hold your items on your next national park adventure. These bags feature a colorful design and robust construction that will last for years.

National Park Posters

These national park posters were inspired by the WPA designs of the 30s. Not every park had a poster designed for them and not all of those have survived. That's why National Parks Partnership has created posters for the missing parks. 

A perfect gift for all national park lovers. Buy in 16"x20" and 24"x36". Also available as stickers, phone cases, t-shirt and more.  

National Park Gift Ideas for Dads

What do you buy for the man who has everything and says he doesn't want anything else? How about some awesome national park gifts that he is sure to love!

National Park Socks

Sock are the classic Christmas gift for dad's all over the world. These national park themed socks feature designs from Yellowstone, Arches, Glacier and Monument Valley. 

Pick yours up for under $10 (at the time of writing) and check one gift off your list!

National Park Arrow Head T-Shirt

Featuring the iconic arrow head that has become an icon of the national parks. This t-shirt is available for all national parks in a range of colors and in men's, women's and child sizes so you can find the perfect one. Designed and printed in the USA. 

Half Dome Decanter

Do you have a friend who loves a single-malt almost as much as they love the national parks? This could be the perfect gift! This decanter features an impression of Yosemite National Park's famous granite monolith - Half Dome. Huckberry also have a beer stein with Mount Hood, tumblers with Zion, the Rockies, and more. 

Histogram T-Shirts

This series of t-shirts is inspired by the histogram that photographers use to get a proper exposure in their photos. Instead of representing the color channels, we have made each of the peaks the same shape as famous mountains and rock formations in the national parks. 

National Park Atlas

Perfect for those people who want to know more about the national parks. This Atlas of the National Parks features facts, diagrams, maps, and much more to keep those with a thirst for knowledge entertained for days. 

Available at all major book sellers and Amazon.  

Ansel Adams Book

Ansel Adams, more than any other photographer, helped inspire the ongoing conservation of the national parks. His iconic pictures of Yosemite are perhaps what he is best know for, but this book showcases his photographs from all the parks - from the desert Southwest to the mountains of Alaska.   

A Great gift for anyone who loves the national parks and photography. 

Take a Hike T-Shirt

A funny shirt for the person in your life who doesn't take themselves too seriously. Designed and printed in the USA. All profits are donated to national park charities. 

John Muir Book

John Muir was one of the original voices that advocated for the preservation of America's wild places. This book was originally realesed in 1901 - only 11 years after the establishment of Yosemite National Park, which Muir was instrumental in protecting. A great read for anyone who loves history and the national parks.  

National Park Gift Ideas for Moms

What do you get for the mom who loves to spend her days hiking in the grand canyon or marveling at the mountains in Grand Teton National Park? How about one of these awesome national park gifts for moms!

National Park Camping Mugs

The enamel-coated stainless steel mugs are lightweight and strong, perfect for the person in your life who loves a morning cup of coffee around the campfire! The 12oz capacity makes them a great size for attaching to the side of a backpack. Designs available for every national park.

National Park Ornaments

These ceramic ornaments make great gifts and will remind the recipient of the fantastic times they had in the national parks. Designs available for every national park.

Subpar Parks

One of the national park phenomenons of lockdown was the the Subpar Parks series by Amber Share. He drawings of the national parks accompanied by one of their worst online reviews took the world by storm! Share such classics as the person who said  "Nothing specific to do" after visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park or "Scenery is distant and impersonal" for Zion National Park.  

National Park Rumpl Blankets
Whether your are wrapped up on the couch watching a movie or cooking s'mores around the campfire, a warm blanket is the perfect companion. Rumple have become well known for the quality and design of their national park series of puffy blankets. They measure 52"x75" and come in designs for Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Denali, Glacier, Great Smoky Mountains, and many more.  
National Park Hikes
There's nothing like hiking in the national parks! Plan the best scenic stroll or hike into the backcountry with this book from Backpacker magazine. There is bound to be something for everyone! Perfect for the person in your life who loves to go for a spectacular walk.  
National Park Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle version of our most popular national park posters. These puzzles have 1000 pieces and will provide hours of entertainment for the puzzlers in your life! 

National Park Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids love the national parks! The experiences they have in the nation's outdoor spaces will live with them for the rest of their lives. Bring a smile to their faces with these awesome national park gift ideas for children!

National Park Stickers

Stickers are a great way to show your love for the national parks. Stick them on your bumper, laptop, water bottle or anywhere else you can think of! Perfect for slipping inside of a greetings card. 

Scratch Off Poster

Commemorate your visits to the national parks with this scratch-off poster! Use a coin to scrape off the top layer to reveal illustrations for each of the national parks. This one also features scratch-off states so you can keep track of them, too!

National Park Passport

The National Park Passport is a great way to keep track of your national park adventures. It features page on which you get stamps from each of the parks you visit. It also features color maps and information about over 400 sites that are managed by the National Park Service.

Trails Game

Another compact game that is perfect to bring on your next road trip with the family. Collect items and encounter wildlife as you head along the virtual trails. Great for 2-4 players and those aged 10 and up. 

National Park Map

Learn about where the national parks are located, when they were founded and the animals that call them home. This 36"x24" map makes the perfect addition to a child's bedroom, although it is not too childish to look great on a grown up's wall!  

National Park Trivial Pursuit

How much do you really know about the national parks? Test your knowledge with the national park trivial pursuit game. With over 600 questions, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment on long car trips and those rainy days at the campsite!

National Park Beanies
These beanies from the Landmark Project come in a range of different national park designs. Stay warm on the trail or around town with these awesome designs. 
National Park Monopoly

Enjoy the classic board game with a national park twist. Spend big on Yosemite and Yellowstone or make a set with Sequoia, Mount Rainier and Glacier. 

Perfect for game night with the family or to bring on the next trip to the log cabin.

National Park Animal T-Shirts

Badlands Bison, Arches Bighorn, Denali Grizzly Bear, and Rocky Mountain Moose are just a few of the characters you will find on this series of anthropomorphic national park animal t-shirts. Available in men's, women's and children's sizes.